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Hi my name is Jackie and this is a page all about me. I don’t have much to put online right now, so I’ll try telling you a little about myself and then share any websites that I think are good enough to tell people about.
I’m the kind of person who brings cookies to neighbors and lowers my tunes after 11pm. Some think that’s kinda late, but come on we are in NYC. Spend a lot of time on twitter and facebook and keep my google accounts up to date. I recently started following Marabell, JenJiggers, Faye Kotsis and MarcoMarco on twitter.
I’m a born and raised Brooklyn girl. But I left Brooklyn when I went to college and never went back. Now I live on the West Coast and LOVE it the warm winters! The range of climates and activities are unbelievable. If you live on the East Coast, do yourself a favor and come out here to visit!
I love animals and often volunteer at city shelters. I haven’t uploaded a picture of me with my dog Taz yet, but ask me and I may send it to you. He’s the cutest! He’s a black lab/pit mix, but his temperament is all lab. I love to talk dogs, and I also love to talk sports, well just baseball really. (go Yankees!)
My hobbies include anything that gets me outdoors. This includes skiing (water and snow), hiking, travel (anywhere!), and motorcycles. I bought a small motorcycle last year, but traded it in on a big one this year! Now I cruise with two different clubs.

1 – The relay bot is built to run on any Win32 platform using standard WinSock calls. If required, it should be relatively simple to port it to other platforms.

2 – I am not planning on releasing the source to the JRelay utility. If you feel that you need it, please contact me to discuss your needs.

3 – If you have problems, triple-check your settings. Can you use an IRC client to log into the server you’ve defined? If you still have a problem after checking, feel free to contact me. But since you haven’t paid anything for this utility, assume the level of support to be equal to the cost of it.

4 – To execute, simply open an MS-DOS console window and execute JRelay. Note that the JRelay.ini file must reside in the current drive/directory.

5 – The console window will display one “launching” line per bot definition. If there are any problems, additional lines will be outputted to the console window. Such error lines might be things such as “unable to resolve server name”, etc.

6 – Sending a /msg containing “who” to any of the relay bots will cause it to report which nicks are logged into which servers.
Example: /msg jrelay who

Contact information

You can either email me at [email protected], or you can drop in at my private IRC server (irc.eCompute.org:6667). On my IRC server, you can find me using the name of Jberg.

JRelay.exe (executable only, no source)

Thank you!

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