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I’m a blue-eyed, curly-headed 24 year-old (kinda overweight, but not really!) who loves to chat with new people.  If I like talking to you, and you ask real nice, maybe I’ll send you a pic ;o)

My hobbies include tennis and scrapbooking.  On the weekends I like to go out partying or have soem friends over for a few rounds of poker, beer, and gossip.

I have been working on this website in my spare time.  I teach at an elementary school, so other than putting in some hours at a local day care, I have a LOT of spare time in the summer.  I think you’ll like all the cool links I’ve found.

Be sure you sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of the site or if you have suggestions.  I’m always up for ideas for fun stuff to add!

I grew up in a pretty urban place. At least the first 13 years of my life I did. My parents then inherited a lot of money and moved from the city to the country. We went from living next to a city park, a crack house across the street and playgrounds where you weren’t sure if there were bums inside of the jungle gym to: fields of wild flowers and horses and sheep that roamed next door. This could sound like a giant upgrade. like many people, know that when you are 14 the last thing you want is to be ripped away from your friends and the life that you have been desperately trying to find. You are in a vulnerable place, with all that teen anxiety.

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San Fran, CA

My Favorite Links:

Dog Story   Here’s a story about a hitchhiking dog.
Squirrels      Here’s one about a squirrel that shut down Vancouver!
Canada       Canadian politicians call Americans “idiots”

** Update Cont. **

3 – All routines reduce the result by modulo P, prior to storing the result.

4 – All functions are in the form of (result, op1, op2). Where the result of the operation is stored to ‘result’.

5 – Each of the three paths result in a single value.

6 – The math functions each require between 25 (add and subtract) and 325 (multiply) CPU instructions. Using that estimate of function lengths, the three paths are each approximately 1,000 CPU instructions.

7 – The SW seems to lend itself well to parallelism. Currently it appears that the SW is setup to provide calculations in groups of 128 at a time. I’ve been told that this would aid in the pipelining within the FPGA. I am still waiting for final confirmation from the SW author as to the exact behavior of the SW.

Watch for more updates.

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