I want to take a few moments to discuss some great movies I have seen recently. This summer was a big one for big budget movie releases. I went out a bunch of times to see a movie that I just could not wait to see until it hit video.

– Man of Steel –

First, I had to go see the new Superman movie which was awesome. It had all of the makings to be a hit. There was an all star cast & the storyline was also full of twists & surprises. We meet the parents of Superman in the opening scene. They are on their home planet of Krypton & they are trying desperately to give their people a chance to survive. You see, on this world people are not born but created genetically to play a role in society. The DNA is kept in a matrix which all individuals are created from.

Kal El, however was naturally conceived & born just in time to see his world destroyed. In a desperate move his parents jump into action. They quickly get the DNA matrix from where it is kept & place it in the care of their newborn son. They send him to Earth in a space ship just before the planet explodes. Krypton & all of the inhabitants are destroyed but there is a special prison for Kryptonians that is no longer able to hold the prisoners once the world has been destroyed. Now loose the prisoners begin their long journey to locate the child but they have no idea where to look.

Once the child’s craft lands on earth he is found by a farmer & his wife. He is very lucky that these people were good & they raised him as their own. They taught him right from wrong & showed him how to be human. His father soon dies protecting his boys secret because he does not believe the world is ready to know. He believes that his son would be in danger should anyone find out so he gives his life protecting him.

Eventually when the world is faced with the eminent threat of the freed Kryptonian prisoners Superman takes action. He can no longer sit idly by & allow harm to come to human beings. He must fight an army of pissed off Kryptonians who only want to terra form earth into another Krypton. It takes every once of his will, strength & intelligence to understand the plot & formulate a plan to end it. Eventually he makes the hard choice destroying everything that the aliens hold dear along with any chance they might have had to replicate their home world over another planet. Superman saved the day!

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