Review II

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Let’s discuss another blockbuster from this past summer. I don’t know how many of you are Star Trek fans but I am. I saw the trailer for this new movie & I could not wait to see it. I anxiously awaited the release & on the day that it came out, crazy as it sounds, I waited in line to see it in the IMAX 3D. It was spectacular both is visual production as well as plot. I have been around for some time & my mother raised me on both the movie franchise as well as the TV series as well as all of the follow ups. One could say I grew up on Star Trek.

When I began to read the reviews I was astounded. Many of the people who claimed to be hardcore fans said they hated the movie. Many people even said that it was the worst Star Trek ever released. I could not disagree more. I believe it fit in with the Star Trek Mythology just fine. They have brought these characters back to life with a combination of brilliant writing, acting, directing & special effects. This movie was GREAT!

We begin the movie with the Enterprise on a mission to an uninitiated planet full of a species who are on the brink of extinction due to a very active volcano. Captain Kirk & Spock have developed a plan to stabilize the volcano but they must temporarily relocate the indigenous people. That does not sound difficult until you consider the prime directive which states that under no circumstances can the people on the planet find out who or what you are. During the mission Kirk is forced to reveal himself to the tribe in order to save Spock from certain death & in doing so creates the situation which cost him his starship. He would eventually be disciplined & he would be busted down to the first officer of the Enterprise rather than it’s captain.

Captain Pike would be placed in charge of the ship & Kirk would be his second in command. During a summit held shortly after that the Starfleet is attacked & many of the officers were eliminated. This leaves Kirk to hunt down the killer. They come to find out he fled to the Klingon home world. Once they have located the trail they are given special instructions to go to the neutral zone & fire long range photon torpedoes at the villain. This is not a command that is within the normal operating procedure of Starfleet so Kirk decides to capture & detain him instead. This does not sit well with the man in charge of Starfleet who decides that he must take things into his own hands. Chaos ensues!

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